Cajobri Comedy Walk!

What is Cajobri Comedy Walk?


Cajobri Comedy Walk is a hilarious stroll that mixes fictitious stories with historical figures, a dash of magic and more.

To ensure maximum entertainment, all song and dance numbers have been cut out!

Join us for a hysterical, rather than a historical, look at our wonderful town!



Joining the Comedy Walk may lead to sore face and stomach muscles.



8 pm  Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and select Sundays!



Best enjoyed when fully ripe – aged minimum 16 laps around the sun.



Buy tickets at Beerhammer’s Beer Gear Store, Ph# 904-814-8446, in the Heritage Walk Mall, 162 St. George Street. Wear comfy shoes and dress for the weather.  We cover a decent distance but don’t worry, we make frequent stops.



Why not?  Stop asking so many questions!  Just do it!  This is your path to joy!  Those face muscles need a work out now and them!  You’ve worked hard baby and you deserve to have some fun.  We will love having you join us!


Click to purchase tickets now.


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